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Foot Stapler Overview

Do you need to effectively and efficiently seal the bottom flaps of your corrugated boxes? The expert solution to this problem is a foot stapler.

A foot stapler is a stapler designed particularly to seal or close the bottom portions of a corrugated box. To properly use this carton box stapler, the operator of this device has to invert the empty box and place the flaps of the box on the post accordingly. When the operator presses the foot pedal of the stapler (or triggers the foot switch on the pneumatic device), the stapling head of this sealing tool comes down and attaches the staples securely on the bottom flaps.

There are generally three categories of foot staplers depending on: the type of staples they use, the method of operation, and the type of box they staple.

A foot stapler can use three varieties of staples: A-Staples, C-Staples or a 53-Staple. An A-Staple is a staple which has a width of 1 3/8 inches. The C- Staple has a width which of 1 1/4 inches. Lastly, a 53-Staple is a staple that is much smaller in size compared to the other two staples mentioned. Despite it being less popular compared to the other two, it still has its significant uses and finds continued applications for packaging purposes. Josef Kihlberg is the manufacturer of this type of staple.

A manual bottom stapler, like the B561 Foot Stapler can be considered for an entry level type of packaging operation. However, if one needs to create larger volumes of box bottoms, a pneumatic bottom stapler is suggested. This is because this stapler is air-driven, thus letting you exert less effort and giving you faster results in your sealing operation. A sample of a pneumatic bottom stapler is Josef Kihlberg’s B561 PN Foot Stapler.

A bottom stapler can either be a post or side-arm model. A post stapler, like that of the Carton Closing Company's Manual Bottom Stapler is a bottom stapler with a post used to seal the bottom of a corrugated carton box. The post assists in forming the staple into the proper shape every time the stapler head is pressed down by the foot lever. A side arm stapler, on the other hand, has a side arm used to staple the sides of a carton box. A post stapler cannot staple the side of a carton tray because the post interferes with the process.

With all of these features, it’s not surprising to see that the efficiency and productivity rates of these staplers are high. Using a foot stapler to close the bottom portions of your corrugated boxes ensures your product a strong closure to carry its heavy weight.