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The Types of Bottom Carton Staplers in Packaging

Bottom carton staplers look and work in an interesting manner. This stapler may be overlooked at times but it is one the most important regarding packaging with staples.

bottom stapler also called a foot stapler is used to close or seal the bottom of corrugated boxes. To use this device an operator has to invert the empty carton and place the flaps accordingly on the post. When the foot pedal of the stapler is depressed (or foot switch is triggered, for the pneumatic operated), the stapling head comes down and applies the staple firm...

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Carton Closing Company ISM Parts

Below are listed all the parts for Carton Closing Company ISM. Find the part you need from the part diagram for the tool you need the part for, and note the part number beside it. Then use the page selector Box or the Next link to move between pages until you find the same part number, and click the link for that part number.

Alternatively, you can type the part name in the text box next to the link that says "search for parts only", then click the link, and if you typed in the part number correctly, It will bring up a page with a link for just that part.
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Boatman Part No.Vendor Part IDVendorDescriptionPrice
100020733851301Carton Closing Company ISM#2-90-4, E452 EYEBOLT W/N$1.25
100027334113208Carton Closing Company ISM3 WAY QUICK EXHAUST VALVE$60.30
1019342J018 Carton Closing Company ISMAdjust plate $19.20
1019344J020 Carton Closing Company ISMAdjust Block $104.00
1019345J021 Carton Closing Company ISMAdjust rod $33.50
100015134123206Carton Closing Company ISMAIR CYL. 2-1/2"Bx3"S $291.92
1019357J034L Carton Closing Company ISMANVIL 1 1/2" non stock $68.00
1019358J034M Carton Closing Company ISMANVIL 1 1/4" & 1 3/8" $110.00
1019359J034S Carton Closing Company ISMANVIL 1" & 1 1/8" $68.00
100018035136150Carton Closing Company ISMANVIL 7/8 L.H. DBL FROM$32.70
101918935193150Carton Closing Company ISMANVIL 7/8 LH SGL$32.63
101904135136140Carton Closing Company ISMANVIL 7/8 R.H. DBL FROM$32.70
101898235193140Carton Closing Company ISMANVIL 7/8 RH SGL$32.63
101883235192150Carton Closing Company ISMANVIL A 3/4 LH MOD93$32.90
101879435192140Carton Closing Company ISMANVIL A 3/4 RH MOD93$32.90
101898335196150Carton Closing Company ISMANVIL C 3/4 LH MOD93$29.43
101871335196140Carton Closing Company ISMANVIL C 3/4 RH MOD93$29.43
1019351J027 Carton Closing Company ISMANVIL HOLDER LEFT $110.00
1019350J026 Carton Closing Company ISMANVIL HOLDER RIGHT $110.00
1019355J031 Carton Closing Company ISMANVIL LINK $21.00
101909635183150Carton Closing Company ISMANVIL ROLL 3/4 L.H. MOD93$26.04
101878635183140Carton Closing Company ISMANVIL ROLL 3/4 R.H. MOD93$26.04
101881235182150Carton Closing Company ISMANVIL ROLL 5/8 L.H. MOD93$27.75
101883035182140Carton Closing Company ISMANVIL ROLL 5/8 R.H. MOD93$27.75
100030635101209Carton Closing Company ISMANVIL/3/4 REPL. KIT$50.00

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