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Introduction to Carton Staplers

A carton stapler is used to close or seal the upper or top part of a corrugated carton box with a metal staple. Here is a rough breakdown on some categories and choices.

There are two kinds of carton staplers, the manual carton stapler and the pneumatic carton stapler. The manual carton stapler is manually operated with the force exerted by hand while the pneumatic carton stapler is hand -held but is air-driven. Operation with a pneumatic stapler can be much easier compared to the manual type. The manual carton stapler can be very versatile; it does not require electricity or compressor to operate. It can be used in farm fields or work yards...

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Stanley Bostitch Parts

Below are listed all the parts for Stanley Bostitch. Find the part you need from the part diagram for the tool you need the part for, and note the part number beside it. Then use the page selector Box or the Next link to move between pages until you find the same part number, and click the link for that part number.

Alternatively, you can type the part name in the text box next to the link that says "search for parts only", then click the link, and if you typed in the part number correctly, It will bring up a page with a link for just that part.
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Boatman Part No.Vendor Part IDVendorDescriptionPrice
1004785P50137Stanley Bostitch"C"BLADE CLINCHER$114.09
1023756TL710000Stanley Bostitch#10 FLAT WASHER$0.35
1002336T40-P-27Stanley Bostitch#10 X 1-1/4 IN SHCS$2.46
1023766TL726000Stanley Bostitch#6 SPLIT LOCKWASHER$2.38
1023735SC81Stanley Bostitch\ RING$2.61
1022008C02438FStanley Bostitch\AW- UPPER SHORT$100.83
100920886460Stanley Bostitch0-RING,1.859X.139$3.12
1010833AB-9050373Stanley Bostitch1/4 NIPPLE$1.54
1008591851628Stanley Bostitch1/4 NPT TEE$23.62
1022140HR-15034Stanley Bostitch1/4 STREET ELBOW STE$12.56
1022239HR-15331Stanley Bostitch1/4 TUBE FITTING$4.80
10083747041020000Stanley Bostitch1/4IN COMPRESSION FITTING$1.55
1001534T40-P-66Stanley Bostitch1/4X2 SHOULDER SCREW$12.62
1002792854012Stanley Bostitch101408$1.85
1001803T40-P-56Stanley Bostitch10-32 X 5/8 SHCS$1.12
1003506MRG035020Stanley Bostitch108573$1.55
1022594MTA03551-005Stanley Bostitch14 GA TOOL SHIM .005$9.75
1022595MTA03551-010Stanley Bostitch15 GA TOOL SHIM .010$9.75
1001455S06Z000900Stanley Bostitch1FZ0009$0.54
1022251HR-15407Stanley Bostitch3/8 CLOSE NIPPLE$2.33
1022207HR-15204Stanley Bostitch3/8 COUPLER PLUG$6.36
1002424T40-P-62Stanley Bostitch3/8 JAM NUT$1.12
10035677041070000Stanley Bostitch3/8IN COMPRESSION FITTING$4.02
1022213HR-15233Stanley Bostitch495K87 POPPET REPAIR$130.39
10206505159480008Stanley Bostitch6LT. TANK$248.16

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